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pwc courses

Need something a little different to what we have listed below? Contact us to discuss your requirements. Not only are we experts in operating PWC, but we're also able to teach and run courses for small boats in the surf zone.

introductory course

4 hours

Purchased your first personal water craft (PWC)? Or has been a while and you're needing a refresher? 
This course gives you the introduction you need on how to operate safety and effectively, and give you the skills to keep your PWC in the best possible condition. 


What we'll cover:

  • Anatomy of your PWC

  • Pre-launch checks and safety considerations

  • Launching tips and tricks 

  • Basic driving skills and recovery technique

  • PWC retrieval tips and tricks

  • After ride care and servicing

basic course

8 hours

Want to step up your knowledge? This course will cover all you need to know for standard PWC operation, including launching, on water maneuvering, retrieval and care. 

Part 1: On dry land

  • How to plan your trip

  • Local regulations and maritime laws

  • Craft set-up

  • How to run equipment and safety checks

Part 2: Launching and Retrieving

Part 3: On the water

  • Following a channel and markers

  • Hazard identification

  • Overboard drills

  • High and low speed maneuvering

Part 4: Troubleshooting and maintenance 

  • Identifying and troubleshooting common issues 

  • Maintenance and wash down tips

PWC Rescue & recovery course

8 hours

PWC needs to be set up with a rescue sled for this course. Check out one of our options here!

If you're towing, foiling, doing step-off's or using your craft in any situation where you might be picking up someone in the water, this is the course we recommend. These skills will ensure you're operating in a way that keeps everyone safe.

Part 1: On dry land

  • 'What if' planning

  • Craft set-up

  • How to run equipment and safety check


Part 2: Launching 

  • Beach v. boat ramp

Part 3: On the water

  • Operating around people in the water

  • Identifying people in distress

  • Jet unit safety

  • Rescue techniques and presenting the sled

  • Communication with people under pressure 

  • Issues to watch out for 

surf rescue operator course

4 days - 2 days flat water, 2 days in surf.

PWC needs to be set up with a rescue sled for this course. Check out one of our options here!

Course content meets or exceeds Surf Lifesaving New Zealand RWC operator standards. 

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